"Owly As..." Sketch Gallery

A while ago I started drawing "Owly As..." other characters at conventions for fans and I've collected my favorites on this page! Now, keep in mind, I can't draw people very well, but I tried for many years to draw all kinds of superheros and I love costume and character design so I've paid attention to lots of details that are now coming in handy. I get all kinds of amazing requests and I love drawing little Owly dressed up as other characters!

Because of my work schedule and book deadines, I'm currently not accepting commisions via email or mail, but if you come and see me at one of the many conventions I visit during the year, I'll be happy to draw something just for you! Also, I'll update this page as often as possible (usually right after a convention) so check back often for new sketches (I usually just snap a quick picture of these at the conventions, so please forgive the uneven lighting). Enjoy! :)

Fancy gallery effects are courtesy of Lightbox. :)