Owly Graphic Novels!
Owly is a kind-hearted little owl who's always searching for new friends and adventure. Relying on a mixture of symbols and expressions,these animated and heartwarming tales are a perfect read for all ages! Owly's stories are told using blend of words and Owly's own language of symbols and icons. The Owly Graphic Novels are now available from Scholastic Graphix! Look for them at your local library, bookfair, bookstore, or comic book store!!!
New! Owly Volume 5: Tiny Tales!

Owly always finds a way to help. Wether it's through the power of friendship, by cheering up his friends when they’re down, rescuing his friends when they’re in danger, or encouraging his friends when they doubt themselves, Owly always finds a way to help. But Owly’s buddies also show what it means to be a great friend in return!

Join Owly in this new graphic novel that contains 10 individual stories! This delightful collection will please new and long-time Owly fans! Pick up your copy today!
Free Owly Comics!
Below are all of the FREE Owly comics we've given away over the years. They can be a bit hard to track down, so I've uploaded them here for you to read and share with others. Even though these stories were done for free, I put the same amount of care and love into the stories and drawings. So, they should give you a great idea of what Owly is all about. If you enjoy these, you'll defintiely enjoy the Owly Graphic Novels from Scholastic Graphix!
Splashin' Around (Free PDF)
Owly and Wormy enter a birdbath building contest and learn that following your heart can bring the greatest reward.
Breakin' the Ice (Free PDF)
Owly, Wormy, and Scampy the chipmunk learn the importance of sharing and discover how helpful a new friend can be!
Helping Hands (Free PDF)
Springtime has arrived and Owly must use a lesson from his past to help Bunny face her fears, along with a little help from Wormy, of course!
In a Fix! (Free PDF)
It's almost time for the big picnic and Owly has a big job to do. But he's running out of time and he'll never get it all done... that is, unless he gets a little help.
Back in the Swing (Free PDF)
Owly needs to get all the plants in the greehouse... but how can they all fit? Well, sometimes the perfect idea es when you least expect it.
Heartstrings & Ribbons (Free PDF)
Owly and Wormy can't wait to build their new kite. But when pieces go missing, the two friends have to make a tough decision.
Re-planting Friends (Free PDF)
Owly and Wormy need to repot one of their favorite flowers... but what they find makes things a little... complicated.
Rainy Delay (Free PDF)
Owly, Wormy, Scampy, and Snaily want to go outside and play… but things don't turn out quite the way they expected.
Bucket of Love! (Free PDF)
There's an accident in the forest but Owly, Wormy, Scampy, and Snaily figure out a way to make the best of it.
Picture This! (Free PDF)
Owly uses comics to teach his little friends about the weather.
Owly Picture Books!
The Owly & Wormy picture books published by Simon & Schuster are Owly stories that are formatted in a different way that makes them easier to read for even younger readers. These books are told completely silent but are complete Owly stories full of adventure and heart! You can find them at your local book store and library!
Free Mini Comics!
Here are a few short Owly stories that I've done for various publications. Enjoy! :)
Hatchin' Friends
Wormy thinks he's found a dinosaur egg! But what he's really found turns out to be more than he imagined.
Hangin' Up to Dry
It's time for Owly to water all of his flowers, but oh no! Looks like he's in for a surprise!
Missin' You
Owly has to leave Wormy alone... but he misses Owly terribly. Just look what Mrs. Raccoon comes up with!
Aw Nuts!
Scampy isn't too thrilled with the food Owly's given him, so he decides to do something about it.
Bee Nice
There's a new bird in town and things aren't looking too good for Tiny and Angel!
Let's Go Fly A Kite
Owly and Wormy lose something special and get a little help from a new friend.
Gone Swimmin'
Wormy's scared of the water, but Owly shows him and his little friend, Ducky, that there's nothing to worry about.