Owly Fans!

Owly, Wormy, and I absolutely LOVE getting letters and fan art! And there was simply too much love in these pieces to keep them to ourselves... So we've decided to put them up here for your enjoyment.

These are from fans of all ages from around the world! And I have many more pictures that I have yet to scan, so if you don't see yours, don't worry, It'll be up here soon! If it's been a super-duper long time and you still don't see something you sent in, let me know and I'll get right on it! :) Enjoy!

Owly Gifts!
Sometimes people send me gifts that remind them of Owly. I'll collect them here. :)
You can show me where you're from and leave a little message!
( It may take about 10 seconds to load due to all of the entries)
Contact Andy!
Questions? You may find what you're looking for on the F.A.Q. If your questions aren't answered there, or if you have comments, encouraging words, or artwork, feel free to email me at Owly@mac.com.

I love receiving feedback and fan letters! Even though it may take me a while to respond, please know that I read everything and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. :)

You can also send your cards, letters, and artwork to:
Andy Runton
5502 East Wind Dr.
Lilburn, Ga 30047-6410
I'll be sure to write back as soon as I can. :) I may not be able to answer all of your questions because I'm busy working on more Owly stories. But you can check the F.A.Q. or even ask me in person! I travel to lots of Comic Book Conventions during the year and I list my schedule on my home page on the right hand side.

If your letter contains artwork, I'll scan it and put it up here as soon as possible. Thanks! :)