These are original artwork pages from the Owly comics and graphic novels. These are one-of-a-kind pieces and can be signed or personalized by request. :)
"Armor's Day Off" - Original Artwork
Original penciled and inked pages from the Harvey Award Nominated Owly story that appeared in X-O Manowar #25. The 3 pages of the story were broken into 5 pages so I would be able to be ink them with greater detail. These pages are priced as a bundle due to the unique nature of the story and the fact that this is the first time Owly appears in a crossover universe.
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Artwork Details
The artwork image is just over 6.5" x 10" in size. Book 2 and Splashin' Around are drawn on 9" x 12" board. Book 3, Breakin' the Ice, and all future books will be drawn on 8.5" x 11" board.

I draw using india ink, applied with a brush onto smooth, 2 ply, acid free, heavy weight, 400 series Strathmore bristol. The pages are drawn out with blue pencil (that I don't erase) and the inks are nice and dark. I also use Pro-White opaque watercolor (it matches the color of the bristol perfectly) to cover up mistakes.

During the editing process I sometimes add or fix things in the computer, so the original art may vary slightly from the printed page, but I fill in all of my blacks with ink and all of the pages look finished. The preview scans are not cleaned up in any way so what you see is what you get. :) The page numbers are not on the actual pages.