I've always been a huge fan of the Heroes Convention because of it's energy and strong sense of community and I was honored to help them promote the Indie Island part of their yearly comic convention in 2011. What resulted was this 11x17 print featuring artwork used to promote the show. 200 of these were printed. The organizers of the convention, the wonderful Heroes Aren't Hard to Find comic shop got 100, and I was given 100. But once they're gone, they're gone. We sold quite a few at the show but I got alot of emails wondering how they could be purchased, so I wanted to offer them here for all of the Owly fans around the world.
The "Indie Island" Print is a vibrant, full-color poster full of excitement and adventure! Join Owly and his friends as they discover the fabled land of Independent Comics known as "Indie Island!"

It's a matte print on super-heavy 11x17 cardstock and features all kinds of animal friends from the Owly comics and graphic novels such as Bunny, Possey, Scampy, Snaily, Flutter, Tiny, Angel, Goldie, Tufy, Chickie, a slew of other animal friends based on Indie cartoonists (who you may recognize from the 2005 SPX Poster), new island birdies, my little Cairn Terrier, Chewie, and more!
Owly "Indie Island" Poster
(11" x 17" - suitable for framing)
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