Owly & Wormy, Bright Lights and Starry Nights!

The second Full-Color Owly Picture Book has arrived! This is the second Owly & Wormy children’s book from Simon & Schuster and is my favorite Owly story to date! This book is full of friendship, and the heartfelt emotion that you’ve come to expect from every Owly and once again is colored by yours truly with digital pastels that’ll plunge you vividly into Owly’s outdoor world!You’ll be able to find this brand-new picture book at your friendly neighborhood comic book store, local bookstore, and even online from Amazon.com.

The Baby Owly Prints are also available for purchase, and I’ve added new pages to my Original Art Store! I’m also hard at work on the new Owly graphic novel and can’t wait to share it with you next year! Thanks again for all of the wonderful support, it really means the world to me and little Owly & Wormy! ^,^

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