Dragon*Con, Sleepy Baby Owly, and Baltimore!

This Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday Owly and I will be among the THOUSANDS of Sci-fi and comics fans in downtown Atlanta, Georgia attending the always overwhelmingly entertaining convention known lovingly as, Dragon*Con! If you can find your way through the costumes and craziness to the Comic Artists Alley, be sure to stop by and say hi! We’ll be there with all the Owly graphic novels, all 4 seasonal prints, Owly buttons, Owly magnets, Owly hats the limited edition Owly Crafty Purse and the full-color Owly & Wormy Friends All Aflutter, the Baby Owly! print and an all new Sleepy Baby Owly print!

Sleepy Baby Owly is also 5″ x 7″, matches the other Baby Owly print, is ready for framing, and will bring joy to any wall or desk he occupies. We’ll be selling these for $10 and we weren’t able to make a whole bunch, so if you want one, come by early, they won’t last long. :)

I’ll be next to my good friend Van Jensen at the show and I’ll be on two panels this year! On Friday at 2:30pm I’ll be on the panel Comics in the Classroom in the Hyatt, room Hanover F, and on Sunday at 10:00am I’ll be on the panel: Sunday Funnies, also in room Hanover F in the Hyatt! It’s gonna be awesome!!!

We also have the last few copies of the limited edition Owly Indie Island Prints left from this year’s Heroes Convention but they won’t last long, so be sure to stop by the booth early if you want one of these wonderful prints. This print was a joy to create and much like Dragon*Con! is packed with costumed adventure!

And there’s no time to rest, right after Dragon*Con! we’re headed to the amazing Baltimore Comic-Con! We had such a great time there last year and we can’t wait to go back! ^,^

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