The Owly Magnets that have been so popular at shows this year are now ready for purchase online!

These are shiny, One inch diameter, metal-backed buttons (the same as the Owly Buttons) but insted of pins, they're backed high-quality, super-strong ceraminc magnets! Each magnet is a super-colorful mini-picture of a character from the Owly universe! They look great at home or in the office. Use them to bring a little color to a drab workspace and brighten your day, or use them to hold up any paper on your fride or file cabinet!

Complete Magnet Set:
$35.00 All 20 Owly Magnets!
Buy all 20 and SAVE $5.00
Individual Magnets:
Owly Logo$2.00 qty:
Big Owly$2.00 qty:
Wormy$2.00 qty:
Possey$2.00 qty:
Mrs. Raccoon$2.00 qty:
Bunny$2.00 qty:
Owly's Mom$2.00 qty:
Baby Owly$2.00 qty:
Snaily Mail$2.00 qty:
Hummy$2.00 qty:
Lil' Blue$2.00 qty:
Chickie$2.00 qty:
Tufty$2.00 qty:
Blinky$2.00 qty:
Flutter$2.00 qty:
Scampy$2.00 qty:
Catterpillars$2.00 qty:
Monarchs$2.00 qty:
Rocky$2.00 qty:
Fishy$2.00 qty:
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$100 -> up : $20.00 shipping
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